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Why Juicee

What is Juicee

Juicee is a line of cold-pressed juices. We take special care in selecting the highest quality ingredients. All of our fruits and vegetables are raw, always fresh, and non-GMO. Juicee provides a product maintaining the highest nutritional value without compromising great taste. Our unique, enticing recipes are designed to provide a convenient way to detoxify and nourish your body, for a healthier lifestyle.

Why Coldpressed

Our fresh fruits and vegetables are “pressed” daily, as opposed to a centrifugal juicer, which uses spinning blades. The difference: the hydraulic press system we use does not produce any heat, which will cook off the most important part of the juice, the nutrients! Also, because the juice remains cool throughout the entire process, each sip of Juicee tastes freshly squeezed. Our method not only guarantees maximum nutrient retention, but also extracts more of the raw and refined nectar living in the produce – without compromising flavor! Each bottle of Juicee has over 2 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables!