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About Juicee

For over a decade Juicee founder Sarah Roach travelled the world as a professional model. Her passion for juicing meant she always made room for a juicer in her suitcase; free time was spent at local markets selecting fruits and vegetables and late nights spent honing original recipes. Motivated to help others achieve their personal health and fitness goals, she studied nutrition and began pursuing her dream of creating cold-pressed juices for the world to enjoy.

“Every morning in Sydney, I went to this juice bar; a mother of four grew the business from a local hangout to one of the largest juice franchises in the world. This woman inspired me.”

High nutritional content and unique, flavorful recipes bolstered Juicee’s early success. Working on her own, Sarah was juggling life as a single mother with all night juicing sessions to ensure orders were delivered on time. Within a full year Juicee now has a full facility, a group of produce suppliers and a true opportunity to bring a great tasting product to better the lives of thousands of soon-t-be-juicers.